Chiropractor for back and neck pain in Portsmouth and Southsea

The modern world is fast moving and ever changing, presenting increasing demands and new environmental stresses on our bodies. In a bid to keep up, it is our health that can often take a lower priority. Unfortunately the body can only sustain this for a period of time before it starts to tell us that it needs help or things need to change.


For all ages

Health HQ is a provider of chiropractic care for all ages who suffer with musculoskeletal conditions, from mechanical joint pain caused by a sporting injury to neck and back pain caused by poor posture or awkward sitting positions. It is also for those who feel they would like to take a proactive approach to leading a healthier life. 

Simply call and book a free chat with a Chiropractor to see if chiropractic care is the right treatment for you.


How can we help you?

• Pregnancy care
• Newborns and children
• Headache arising from the neck
• Migraine prevention
• Tennis elbow
• Neck pain
• Back pain

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The philosophy of Health HQ chiropractic care is a whole health centric one, meaning not only does it look at the symptoms of the body's musculoskeletal complaints, it assesses the stress factors which contribute to the problem.

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Meet your doctor

Alexander Bartkowiak DC, Doctor of Chiropractic was awarded his Master of Chiropractic degree from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 2006 and has subsequently gone on to include dry needling therapy and various taping techniques to support his treatment of musculoskeletal conditions.